Guild Meetings

Our meetings include speakers on various topics, Show and Share presentations of member quilts, announcements of upcoming events.

Upcoming Guild Events

WOW members only:

December 14th
Timna Tarr comes from a long line of quilters. Her quilts have been featured in exhibits,
magazines, and books and on The Quilt Show and Quilting Arts TV. Timna, who lives in
South Hadley, MA and works out of her studio in Holyoke, MA, is in-demand across the U.S
as a teacher and speaker.
Timna’s work spotlights the use of color and small compositions. In her quilts each block
stands as its own element, independent of the other blocks. Her goal as a quilter is to arrange
small compositions that play off each other and work together to create a larger whole. What
keeps her engaged is watching how the project changes and transforms with the addition of
each color and texture. Her quilts are contemporary works. That is, they are set in this time and
place, and they reference the rich tradition of quilt making. Timna will talk about quilt design,
color choices, and the personal stories behind her quilts.

January 25, 2021
Debbie Tonkin started sewing in Junior High to make clothes to fit, as she
was already 6 foot tall. Later she sewed clothes for her 3 daughter’s when
they were young. Timna made her first quilt in her teens with help from her
grandmother, and she didn’t make her next quilt until about the age of 40. She
became hooked on quilting and has since made over 250 quilts. Timna
worked at the Glad Creations Quilt Shop in Minneapolis and later managed
Just Sew Studio. There she began long arm quilting for customers and
teaching sewing, machine embroidery, and quilting.
Debbie will speak about finishing quilts: choosing batting, backing, thread,
and quilting design options that will make the most of your quilt.


The WOW Quilt Guild will schedule quilt inn’s and weekend retreats, be sure to check our event calendar.

Upcoming Quilt Inn: TBD