Guild Meetings

Our meetings include speakers on various topics, Show and Share presentations of member quilts, announcements of upcoming events.

Upcoming Guild Events

WOW members only: A special presentation on colors for modern quilts

On October 19, WOW members will have access to a prerecorded presentation on Rethinking Color by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle of the Modern Quilt Studio. This inspiring presentation will get you thinking and maybe challenge you to pull many colorful fabrics from your stash to get started on a modern quilt. Then the questions start: Does this yellow go with this orange? What fabrics and colors should I use to make a modern quilt interesting and exciting?

You may submit questions to Terri Good at during the week of October 19 – 23.  Terri will ask your questions during the Q & A.

For WOW members only: Weeks Ringle will address your questions and more during a one-hour live Q&A on October 26, at 7:00pm. To have Zoom access to this meeting, you must be a member before October 1. If you or a friend are interested in modern quilting and would like to join WOW for the remainder of the year, send an email to


The WOW Quilt Guild will schedule quilt inn’s and weekend retreats, be sure to check our event calendar.

Upcoming Quilt Inn: TBD