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We are hosting a Quilts of Valor quilt show on Veteran’s Day weekend (Saturday 11/3/18).
We need quilts from you to make this happen.  We have room to display over 150 quilts.
The quilts collected will be put on display for the show day with some of them presented to veterans at the end of the show.  The rest will be awarded to veterans waiting on our lists of requests.
The quilts should be approximately 60 x 80 in red, white & blue or military themed fabrics or Americana /patriotic /star themed design. These quilts are meant to be used, washed and used more so need to be machine or hand quilted not tied. Full requirements, sample photos, dedication cards and pick up info can be found on the Women of the West quilt guild website.  www.wowquiltguild.com  
If you have questions contact Terri Good  tgood@tcfbank.com   or Shawn Taylor sewluv2quilt@gmail.com  

QOV Lable Salute - pdf / Word Doc

“Quilts of Valor” was started in 2003 by a mother wanting to recognize her son and his unit returning from Iraq. She wanted to give them something tangible that would provide comfort and let them know their service to our country was appreciated.  
The small sewing group has become a nationwide organization.  The Quilts of Valor Foundation is a completely volunteer organization and we now have over 8000 registered volunteers across all 50 states (and many more that sew with local groups or on their own) and a sister organization in Canada.  
The original concept has grown to encompass recognizing veterans from all services that have served during any conflict.
The quilts are given out 3 basic ways:

  • Some are sent to hospitals overseas receiving incoming wounded or to VA hospitals  here caring for our service members
  • Some are sent to bases receiving units returning from deployment
  • The rest are given individually to veterans by request.  Anyone can request a quilt for a veteran they would like to be recognized by going on our website – www.qovf.org

As of February 2018 we have given out over 180,000 quilts to veterans from World War II through present day service members.

Contact Webmaster: webmaster@wowquiltguild.com
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